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G-Research Lecture Series

The G-Research Lecture series features the world’s leading experts in science and technology speaking on a range of topics in which they are recognised thought-leaders. The topic of the lectures explores major fields of current research at a level that will engage researchers in the field and industry experts, while being accessible and engaging for those without specialist knowledge. It is an opportunity for G-Research to support our partners and friends in the academic community by providing access to world-leading thinkers and ideas.

G-Research and The Alan Turing Institute launch series of data science events

We are proud to announce that G-Research will be collaborating with The Alan Turing Institute to launch a lecture series on the subject of data science, its theories and applications.

Researchers from the Institute will deliver six technical talks on their research and ideas – ranging from machine learning and statistical methods to new ways to make sense of data. These will be available to the public on the the G-Research YouTube channel.

The talks will be delivered to G-Research employees, our partners in academia and Turing researchers.

Watch them below:

Coming Soon:

“Just the Essential Information Please”– Professor Jared Tanner (TBD)

Professor of the Mathematics of Information at the University of Oxford and The Alan Turing Institute’s University Liaison Director, Professor Jared Tanner will show both how to apply compressed sensing and matrix completion, as well as the elegant geometric interpretations.

 “The Automatic Statistician”– Professor Zoubin Ghahramani (18/04/18)

Talk given by Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge, leader of the Cambridge Machine Learning Group, and the Cambridge Liaison Director of the Alan Turing Institute; Zoubin Ghahramani. The lecture will regard the use of Bayesian model selection strategies that automatically select and use models to generate human readable reports.

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